Site Content and Structure

This website used to host updates to the Grilli and Yang Commodity Price Index (GYCPI). I no longer expect to do updates to the GYCPI, the old the updates to the Index are in a zip file here: gycpi. The compressed file contains the former webpage and linked files, although the hyperlinks no longer work -you will have to track down the files manually from the directory structure implied by the hyperlink.

New content will be posted to the blog. This blog is also a platform to stray beyond my core research area into other fields of interest. Since I currently teach modules on behavioural economics and alternative perspectives in economics some of the posts some of the material may be of peripheral relevance to my teaching.

I work as a lecturer in economics and most of my research is on commodity prices and economic development. Find my Research Gate profile here.

… and my work place profile here. (Any views expressed on this site do, of course, not reflect the opinions of my employer and are not endorsed by them.)